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Who We Are?

About Brod Solutions

Tanner Brodhagen started this company with just a laptop and connection to the internet. Since 2012, he has taught himself how to code, design and solve technical problems because of the developer community.

Our solutionists are passionate and motivated to learn everything technical. The mission and values we empower our team to build and grow.

We strive to discover like-minded individuals in the developer community. By giving and sharing collective knowledge we strive to grow the web of information.

Roadmap to Now

Our Story

How did we get here?

  • 2012

    Creating Independence

    Dedicating the mornings to code and the afternoons to board sports. At the beginning it was simple HTML and CSS, add a couple blocky visuals with a simple contact form.

  • 2014

    a Search for Adventure

    Needing direction, Tanner, with a college roomate, decided to spend the summer floating down the Missisippi River on a 21 foot homemade barrel raft. This took off a longing for National Parks.

  • 2016

    the Print Shop Phase

    Falling in love with photography from the adventures mentioned above, a large format printer was a failed business avenue. Picking back up websites, frameworks like Drupal and WordPress fueled the next website cycle.

  • 2018

    eCommerce Evolution

    A new client help launch us into an unfamiliar territory. Websites that sold products online allowed us to think about how we craft websites that convert visitors to customers.

  • 2022

    Handcrafting the Next Web

    After 10 years of learning, searching, failing, and growing we are strong website designers and developers working on cutting-edge busines problems.

Why We Exist

Our Mission

To create elegant solutions with creative and passionate people.






Digital Problems



Our Vision

To solve the complexity
of the web.

Core Values


Do It Together

Clean Code

Writing Effecient Code


Make Novel Connections


Mild, Dark, Espresso, Repeat